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T-shirt recommender.

Distribuidor Oficial Stanley/Stella Regalos de navidad personalizados

Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

Florida : 760-677-4920 [email protected]

Washington DC : 575-318-7851 [email protected]

Texas : 505-456-8877 [email protected]

Virginia: 209-962-9559 [email protected]

What kind of shirts are you looking for?

T-shirts for merchandising are not the same as t-shirts for a marathon so ...
The softness of cotton or the lightness of polyester?

Who are the t-shirts for?

We have a wide range of t-shirts for everyone, but also t-shirts for them and children's t-shirts.

What are the t-shirts for?

An association or a school asks us for a different type of t-shirt than what a designer asks us for.
If you tell us what the printed shirts are for, it will be easier for us to help you.

To give away ...
What colors do you want them?

There are dozens of shades to choose from: from the basic to the most original. You can select more than one color!

When do you need them?

Stock availability is a key factor in making custom t-shirts. So if it is an urgent order, we can offer you some specific models of which we have immediate stock.

How is your design?

One design or another involves using different printing techniques, and not all methods can be applied to all T-shirts.


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