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Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

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How much does it cost to make custom t-shirts?

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Price without surprises

The prices presented here are an approximation and we have rounded them up to give you an "idea" of what it costs to make custom t-shirts. They are not binding and the final calculation will depend on the model, the delivery time, etc ...

What does the price shown in the tables include?
  • Basic cotton t-shirts with good value for money.
  • Standard size printing: 30x30cm. Both 1 ink and DTG.
  • VAT, yes yes VAT included
  • Ports to Peninsula. Are you on the islands? Call us and we will calculate the shipping costs.
Precio sin sorpresas

Pricing table

Tabla de precios camisetas blancas
Price table white shirts
10 white t-shirts, 1 ink + -95 $ $ 9.50 per unit
100 white t-shirts, 1 ink + -292 $ $ 2.92 per unit
1000 white t-shirts, 1 ink + -1948 $ $ 1.95 per unit
10 White T-shirts, no color limit + -126 $ $ 12.60 per unit
100 white T-shirts, no color limit + -632 $ $ 6.32 per unit
1000 white T-shirts, no color limit + -4223 $ $ 4.22 per unit
Tabla de precios camisetas color
Color t-shirt price table
10 Color T-shirts, 1 ink + -107 $ $ 10.70 per unit
100 Color T-shirts, 1 ink + -355 $ $ 3.55 per unit
1000 1-ink color T-shirts + -2444 $ $ 2.44 per unit
10 color T-shirts, no color limit + -160 $ $ 16 per unit
100 color T-shirts, no color limit + -728 $ $ 7.28 per unit
1000 color T-shirts, no color limit + -5312 $ $ 5.31 per unit
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Other options for making custom t-shirts

If you are looking for another quality of t-shirt, other quantities or extras, we invite you to visit our online t-shirt catalog that has a practical online calculator in screen printing and digital printing.

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