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Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

Florida : 760-677-4920 [email protected]

Washington DC : 575-318-7851 [email protected]

Texas : 505-456-8877 [email protected]

Virginia: 209-962-9559 [email protected]

Every day we work to offer you the best delivery times, the best rates and English punctuality. We don't like to keep you waiting!

Punctuality Cheap Wholesales

At Cheap Wholesales we have a punctual and reliable personalized clothing delivery service. We are totally transparent and we prefer to tell you if an order is going to be on time or not before confirming. If we tell you that we will be on time, rest assured that we will be;)

Our delivery times depend on many factors:

  • Availability of garments in stock
  • Order quantity
  • Stamping method
  • If the order has extras such as bagging or labeling
  • Time of the year
  • Place of delivery

Free shipping

Our usual delivery time is 14 calendar days from the confirmation of the order (that is: payment, billing and delivery information, distribution by sizes and colors and confirmation of the virtual).

It is the ideal time to prepare your order without haste. As a reward, with our normal service, postage is free in the peninsular United States . We reward your patience!

Shipping is also free if you pick up your personalized garments in our stores in Florida, Texas or Washington DC 😉

Our delivery times

At Cheap Wholesales we adapt to you . Whether you are early or in a hurry, we have the perfect delivery time for every occasion:

  • Normal delivery : 14 calendar days and free shipping.
  • Fast delivery : in less than 12 days with a surcharge of 5% + postage.
  • Express delivery : in less than 7 days with a 20% surcharge + shipping.
  • Flash delivery : in less than 72 hours choosing garments from our flash catalog and with a minimum surcharge of 30% + shipping.

Do you want to create a clothing brand? These projects require time and we recommend the normal service with free postage. Have you had a crush and are you getting married in 4 days? We will have the gifts ready for the guests in 72 hours. You don't have to worry about anything!

Guaranteed delivery except in force majeure circumstances

Once we confirm the delivery time with our clients, it is guaranteed. Except for force majeure circumstances such as fires, strikes, accidents or (we never thought we would have to write this) global pandemics, we always comply with the previously agreed delivery deadline. 🙂

Remember to always tell us if you need your order for a specific date .

Our trusted transport companies

Depending on the level of urgency of the order and the place of delivery, we choose the most effective transport company for each occasion .

These are the transport companies that help us deliver your personalized clothing orders safely:

  • Dinamic
  • UPS
  • Mail Boxes

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