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Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

Florida : 760-677-4920 [email protected]

Washington DC : 575-318-7851 [email protected]

Texas : 505-456-8877 [email protected]

Virginia: 209-962-9559 [email protected]

Goodbye, hello!

Surely many of you will be wondering what happened to Are they the same company? The answer is yes. Now we are called Teefactory. 👋 se convierte en

We are going to explain the reason for the change. We will be brief, we promise: P

The textile customization website was created in 2003 and had several physical stores in United States with the same name. As we grew and opened European websites, we first opted for generic websites such as in Italy, in California or in France. With the incorporation of new countries, we opted to create the international brand Cheap Wholesales . Thus were born, and We only needed to take the step with We are not going to deny it, the decision was tough, but here we are. has come to stay .

Taking advantage of the change we have improved some aspects of our website such as speed. Our website is faster than ever!

In short, we are the same team and the same company . Even the same logo! We had to bet on an international brand and here we are betting heavily on Cheap Wholesales. This new name better reflects what we do:
we sell custom clothing for all types of projects. Because every project deserves a great impression;)

Do you want to know more about Cheap Wholesales United States? Here we tell you everything .

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