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Sweatshirts with hoodies

Is it possible to find the perfect hoodie in a catalog with more than 120 references? Of course! With the help of our filters you will find the most suitable hooded sweatshirts to personalize for your company, brand, event or association. And from only 10 units!

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Buy hoodies online

Classic sweatshirt models in our catalog

The hoodies or hoodies usually have 3 different elements: the kangaroo pocket, drawstring and of course, the hood. It is a modern, comfortable garment with a sporty touch, with an increasing presence in our closets. You can finally go cool and comfortable at the same time!

In our online catalog of hooded sweatshirts you will find all kinds of models for all occasions, budgets and tastes!
And what kind of model are you looking for?

  • Children's, men's or women's hoodies
  • 100% cotton or mixed composition sweatshirts
  • Eco-friendly hoodies
  • Sweatshirts made of fleece or light English terry fabric
  • Cheap, mid-range or premium-range sweatshirts
  • Classic cut sweatshirts and fitted sweatshirts
  • With fitted sleeves or raglan sleeves
  • Solid color sweatshirts, heathers or fluorine tones
  • Two-color and baseball-style sweatshirts
  • Sweatshirts with or without zipper
  • Short hooded sweatshirts
  • With flat or round laces

Our main customers for sweatshirts

As we mentioned, being such a versatile garment, hoodies have many purposes and uses. These are our main customers for custom hooded sweatshirts:

  • Music Bands: Black hoodies are a classic in band merchandising. Especially in rock, punk and heavy groups.
  • Designers: in addition to t-shirts and tote bags, hooded sweatshirts are not often lacking when creating clothing brands .
  • Associations and NGOs: solidarity sweatshirts are perfect for raising funds for a good cause or for dressing members of organizations.
  • Clubs and sports teams: the sporty look of hoodies is very popular with teams to create their street kits and clubwear.
  • End-of-year sweatshirts: who hasn't gone on a trip thanks to the proceeds from the sale of sweatshirts for the end-of-year trip to high school or college?
  • Clothing for startups and companies: team building is in fashion and one of the best ways to make pineapple is with personalized clothing. A bit of posturing with photos always comes in handy! : P

The best brands of hoodies:

  • Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts : a classic among classics. Those of a lifetime.
  • Gildan and Roly sweatshirts : cheap and with a very good quality / price ratio.
  • Stanley / Stella sweatshirts : the new cry in eco-friendly clothing comes from the Belgian brand.

You will also find interesting models of hooded sweatshirts from brands such as Sol's, B&C, Tee Jays or Clique.

Print cpn hooded sweatshirts

To create your custom hoodies we usually recommend 2 textile printing techniques:

  • Screen-printed sweatshirts : our star technique for its great quality / price ratio. Textile screen printing is ideal for large print runs of sweatshirts, for simple designs that include texts or tight budgets, which is why it is the technique that we usually recommend for most of our clients. The results of the screen printing on sweatshirts are of high quality, but above all very resistant. So the sweatshirts will last you years! Tip : it is best to use 1-2 inks for screen printing, but you can use up to 6 inks.
  • Embroidered sweatshirts : Without a doubt, embroidery is synonymous with elegance, resistance and high quality. For this reason, custom embroidered sweatshirts are perfect to be incorporated into a fashion collection or any project that wants to give a premium quality. As you will undoubtedly imagine the embroidery of sweatshirts is not the cheapest printing technique. But it is certainly much more affordable than what is usually thought. And the results are always incredible. We can embroider logos, texts or simple designs. We must bear in mind that it is feasible to reproduce drawings using up to 12 colors. Generally our clients choose to embroider hoodies in 1, 2 or 3 colors. However, sometimes we have exceptions

Examples of custom sweatshirts

Embroidered sweatshirts
Embroider on sweatshirts

Sweatshirts with hoodies
Screen print hoodies
Quality hoodies
Hoodies to print

Sweatshirts to print

Do you want hoodies to print ? No problem! You can calculate your online budget for plain or personalized sweatshirts in just a few seconds. You will see that we apply large discounts for quantities in wholesale sweatshirts. That is, the greater the number of garments, the lower the unit price. Calculate your budget without obligation or contact us if you need advice! ;)

You can also come and see us at our stores in Washington DC, Florida or Argentona to see and touch the garments in person. Remember that we serve in all United States and from only 10 sweatshirts. We wait for you!

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