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Zip Hoodies

Zip-up hoodies are comfortable and practical garments. In our online catalog of zip-up hoodies you will find more than 60 models from the best brands. Hooded or without hood, personalized or unprinted, it's up to you! Remember to use our filters to refine results. ;)

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Buy online zip hoodies

Jacket-style sweatshirt models

The comfort of jacket type sweatshirts is undeniable. You can take them closed up, half open or completely open. Depending on the temperature or the style that convinces you the most. Zip hoodies adapt to your look!

In our online catalog of zip-up hoodies you will find garments of all colors, prices, brands and sizes. Here are 4 brushstrokes of what you can find in it:

  • Zip-up hoodies for everyone
  • Sweatshirts for men and women
  • Children's zip hoodies
  • Full zip jackets
  • With half zip
  • Sweatshirts with hoodies
  • Sweatshirts without hood
  • Classic terry or light English terry fabric
  • Cotton, polycotton or polyester sweatshirts
  • Classic colors and vivid colors
  • Two-color sweatshirts
  • Fluorescent sweatshirts with zip
  • Eco-friendly zip-up hoodies

Zip hoodies online

At we know how important it is to advise the client well. Each project has a specific budget and purpose and it is essential to know how to recommend the most suitable sweatshirt for each occasion. Luckily, in our online catalog we offer customizable sweatshirts from various ranges:

  • Cheap Zip Hoodies: Basic sweatshirts for promotions, advertising events, gift giving, etc. The Roly and JHK sweatshirts are inexpensive and offer very interesting designs with wide color ranges. Cardigans, hoodies and jackets at incredible prices.
  • Mid-range sweatshirts: Fruit of the Loom, Sol's and the basic range of Clique sweatshirts are garments with a very good value for money. If you want to make custom sweatshirts for merchandising for music groups, associations, NGOs, schools, sports clubs or workwear, they are perfect garments for resale.
  • High quality zip-up hoodies : if what you are looking for are premium finishes and fabrics. Clique, Stanley / Stella, American Apparel and the high-end Sol's offer great zip-up hoodies to create your brand of clothing, make high-end merchandise or premium workwear.

Customize Zip Hoodies

But how to print zip-up hoodies? Full zip garments have less print surface than, for example, sweatshirts without a hood. Generally, our customers choose to have their sweatshirts printed on the heart or on the back. You can also choose to add personalized neck labels, woven pocket labels or cardboard labels with your brand.

Do you want to make personalized sweatshirts with your logo, text or drawing and you don't know where to start? Do not worry, depending on your designs we will recommend printing the sweatshirts in textile screen printing or making embroidered sweatshirts. Both techniques are of high quality and allow printing in various colors, but their finishes are very different.

We have more than 35 years of experience in textile customization and sweatshirts are one of our strengths. Embroidered jackets? Hoodies without printing? Half zip sweatshirts with your company logo? Screen-printed ecological sweatshirts? We have everything! : D

Wholesale zip hoodies

If instead what you are looking for are sweatshirts with zip without printing , we have great discounts of wholesale sweatshirts. The higher the number of garments, the lower the unit price.

You can calculate your online budget for printed or unprinted zip-up hoodies quickly, easily and intuitively. The budget is calculated instantly from only 10 units. Wait no more! ;)

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