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Bags and backpacks online

To find the perfect bag in our online bag catalog, you just have to search among our more than 140 bags with the help of our color, type, composition and brand filters. You can also change the order so that the cheap bags appear first. We are sure we have the perfect model to create your personalized bags!

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The best promotional bags and backpacks

In our catalog of backpacks, sacks and bags online you will find models of the main promotional textile brands such as Roly, Makito, Sols, Clique, Jassz, Joytex, Bag Base, Cam, Stanley / Stella or Westford Mill. Some brands offer cheap bags for advertising, packaging and events and others offer backpacks and bags for merchandising and clothing brands.

Bags for events, backpacks for schools and even bags for bread! This is what you can choose from in our online catalog of bags:

  • Classic backpacks and square backpacks with a very current style.
  • Children's backpacks for the little ones.
  • Gymsack backpacks, also known as string backpacks or flat backpacks.
  • Cotton sacks and bags of various sizes.
  • Sports or travel duffel bags for football or barrel bags.
  • Briefcases, cases and document holders.
  • Jute or non-woven bags for wine or bread.
  • Polyester shoulder straps.
  • Cotton, non-woven, polyester or jute bags.
  • Fluorine, high visibility or bicolor bags.

Custom bags

Each type of bag has its audience. Do you need inspiration? Here are the main uses of personalized bags:

  • Bags for events : cloth bags to give away at events, fairs and promotions are our top selling product.
  • Weddings and celebrations : cotton sacks and tote bags are the life of the party in celebrations. The rice bags and wedding bags are a big hit.
  • Packaging : for supermarkets, shops and stores. Following the regulations, say goodbye to plastic bags to welcome reusable bags! Cotton or non-woven tote bags are the best sellers.
  • Designers : in addition to t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts, cotton bags and fashion styles are the perfect accessory to create your clothing brand.
  • Merchandising : for clubs, associations, NGOs, gyms and music groups. The tote bags and the gymsack type triumph.
  • Schools and colonies : personalized bags for schools, camps or dance and language schools are a nice souvenir for children :)

This is how we personalize the bags

In our textile customization workshop we offer a lot of printing possibilities, but we recommend these 2 to personalize bags:

  • Textile screen printing : the most used method. The silk-screened bags are of high quality and at a great price.
  • Digital printing: to make personalized bags in full color. Photos, gradients, nothing can resist them!

Unprinted bags?

From only 10 units and in a few clicks you can calculate your budget for wholesale bags .

Remember to call us at 209-962-9559 (toll free) if you need urgent backpacks or bags.

Custom backpacks

Backpacks are made of different fabrics than cotton bags and for this reason we recommend printing them with other methods:

Backpack customization

  • Textile screen printing : screen printing can do it all! (Or almost)
  • Embroidered - Embroidered or patched backpacks add value and elegance.
  • Vinyl - Some difficult fabrics can be printed with cut or print vinyl.

We list the main uses of personalized backpacks:

  1. Backpacks for music festivals

    In summer concerts and festivals are in every corner of the United States. Many festivals last several days and that means carrying different personal items. And where better to store all those things than in some screen-printed backpacks . As a merchandising item, online personalized backpacks are a success. In some festivals they are sold in a pack together with the official festival shirt, or they are even given with the ticket. If it's rock, pop, indie or punk festivals, don't hesitate to choose customizable black backpacks . : P
  2. Backpacks for sports equipment

    Sports equipment is vital in any club, no matter how small or large it may be. T-shirts, pants, training bibs and of course cheap personalized backpacks cannot be missing. You can choose between sports bags or basic backpacks to print , depending on the needs of the team. What you do have to take into account is that they are resistant and that they are of a color according to that of the team or the club. Also, don't forget that printing promotional backpacks is also a way of advertising the club.
  3. Backpacks for camping

    Going to the colonies is one of the best moments in the lives of many children and adolescents. T-shirts, scarves and personalized backpacks are the best allies during those days away from home. Personalized gifts are also liked by the little ones, and if on top they are brightly colored backpacks with a fun print, much better. ;) And it is that promotional items that can be reused for their usefulness are much more valued, whatever their target audience.
  4. Backpacks for events

    Business gifts are especially important at events, conferences and fairs. There are those who opt for sackpacks, laptop backpacks or personalized classic backpacks . And it is that the advertising backpacks are striking and very practical to carry during the duration of the event. They are used to advertise a company or a product, but also to fill promotional gifts and personal items for the duration of the event. The cheapest option is the typical polyester rope backpacks. If you are looking for something more original, you can opt for personalized cotton backpacks .
  5. Backpacks for schools

    When we think about going back to school, we cannot forget about personalized school bags . Many centers and schools give them away or sell them to their students, along with other school supplies. We have children's and adult backpacks in different sizes, styles, prices and colors. So you can choose the one that best fits your school. If you have to support the weight of many books, it is better to choose a sturdy backpack. For a more original result, our advice is to combine the same design to print backpacks of various colors. So each student can choose the one they like the most. :)

If in doubt, send us the logo or design and we will advise you on the best way to make personalized advertising backpacks .

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