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Tote bags online

Is it possible to have more than 60 different tote bags in an online catalog? Indeed it is! We have a wide variety of long-handled bags in our online catalog that you can filter by colors, materials, or brands. From advertising totebags to ecological bags for designers. We sure have the model you are looking for! ;)

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Custom tote bags.

Without a doubt, totebags are the new fashion bags . They are liked by designers, agencies, music groups and businesses alike.

With the recent law that prohibits giving away plastic bags in stores, supermarkets and businesses, cloth bags have become the best allies for stores. Little by little we are getting used to carrying a reusable bag always on top in case we make a stop at the greengrocer or the supermarket.

If we also personalize the totes with a beautiful design, they are not only a good option for shopping (shopping bags) but they also become an excellent choice to use as a bag in our day to day life. They are the perfect showcase for your company.

But what are tote bags?

Tote bags are nothing more than bags with long handles that can be carried over the shoulder. But what does tote bags sound better? : P

In our online catalog you will find tote bags to personalize of various ranges and qualities:

  • Cheap tote bags : Promotional bags to give away at events, fairs, shops or advertising actions. Brands such as Makito, Joytex and Roly offer cheap tote bags to buy printed with your designs or without printing.
  • Mid-range totes: the price / quality ratio of the Jassz, WM and Cam bags is ideal for making personalized merchandising for marching bands, festivals, etc. They are perfect cloth bags to resell at very low prices.
  • Premium tote bags : If what you are looking for are high quality long-handled bags for designers and clothing lines, we recommend the Stanley / Stella ecological bags or the Sol's fashion bags. Good designs, materials and top fabrics.

Types of totebags, find the one you are looking for!

To choose between one bag and another, you can be guided by the color - we have raw bags, colored, bicolor or metallic tote bags -, the size, or the type of material. Below we detail the main materials we work with:

  • Cotton bags: They are our top selling bags. When we think of the typical reusable tote bag, we always think of a cotton tote bag. We have dozens of 100% cotton bags in our online catalog.
  • Non-woven bags : A very cheap material, but no less resistant, is non-woven. It is a non-woven fabric that we all know for being the most used in medical gowns and masks. It is another of the favorite materials in shops and stores.
  • Non woven laminated : With a glossy finish, they are resistant and waterproof bags. Ideal for shops, fairs and promotions.
  • Organic bags : Our catalog of ecological tote bags made with organic cotton or from recycled materials is growing every day.
  • Other materials : We also have some polyester, felt and jute bags. You are sure to find the perfect fabric for your creations!

Print tote bags

We recommend printing tote bags with 2 textile personalization techniques: screen printing and direct printing. Depending on the bag model, it will accept only screen printing or both techniques. With our very intelligent online calculator you can calculate your budget for personalized tote bags in a few seconds by clicking on each product.

  • Screen printing is synonymous with high quality, resistance and a very good price. Especially in large runs of personalized tote bags with 1 or 2 colors.
  • Digital printing if your design has many colors, gradients or photos, the DTG will allow you to make personalized bags in full color. Goodbye to limitations!

Wholesale tote bags

We are also suppliers of unprinted fabric bags from 10 units to 50, 800 or 5000. As many as you need!

We have significant discounts for quantities. You just have to calculate the price with our online calculator by entering the number of tote bags + desired delivery time. And voilà! The prices will blow you away!

Paint bags

If you like crafts, you surely want to expand your creativity and go beyond coloring canvases or paper. Do you dare with some bags to paint ? : P Paint bags Cotton bags to decorate can be painted in many ways and with different methods:
  • Crayons
  • Painting
  • Decoupage
  • Textile markers
  • Seals
  • Beads
Fun, creative and educational, canvas painting bags are accents for birthday gifts, parties, nurseries, schools, craft workshops, playgrounds, and painting classes. These reusable bags will delight the little ones, as they will have something unique created by them and they will surely want to use it as a shopping bag. In our online catalog of stamping bags you will find coloring bags of various shapes and sizes, far beyond the classic tote bags with long handles, such as mini bags, shopper bags or cotton sacks. The wholesale cotton bags that we sell the most for their irresistible price are the Hill bags and the ecological colored bags : Roly Hill You can choose customizable bags in ecru or colored; it all depends on the technique you are going to use to color them. You decide if you want the bags without printing or if you want to print them with a drawing so that you can later color it. Canvas bag to paint Long tote bags to paint are a different gift and a different way to create art, which can then also be used as a bag or to go shopping. To buy canvas bags to paint or request more information to personalize bags, you can contact our sales team directly or calculate the budget online without obligation. :) DIY Cloth Bags

Other uses of totebags

Cloth bags for shoes

Whether as promotional gifts or for original packaging, shoe bags are most useful. Travel bags for shoes are essential in your luggage: in this way, delicate shoes are protected from rubbing against the suitcase and from staining the clothes with the sole of the shoes. It is an idea that we usually recommend as a shoe store gift or an ideal courtesy gift for hotels or travel agencies, since they can also be reused to store used clothes and thus keep them separate from clean clothes. Shoe boxes take up a lot at home, so using bags to store shoes will save significant space and the shoes will be equally protected from scratches or dust. Cloth bags for storing shoes are quality packaging for footwear or clothing stores, as well as corporate gifts that customers will love. There is nothing better than a useful and beautiful gift. ;) You can make custom cotton bags for footwear with your design in textile screen printing . The same design can be used in different size bags for the shoes of all the inhabitants of the house, since our bags are available in sizes from XS to X: Cloth bags are in fashion, and it's hard to resist them: they're too pretty! From Cheap Wholesales we bring you 6 ideas to use cloth bags in original, fun and sustainable ways.

Custom packaging

Do you have a jewelery, handicraft or perfume firm and you are looking for an original, beautiful and resistant packaging ? The mini cotton bags are an alternative that is gaining ground. If we also print these cotton bags with a striking logo or design, the result is perfect. They improve the image of any brand, as customers appreciate these types of details more and more.

Wedding gifts for guests

One of the most common uses for these mini cloth bags is to make gifts for wedding guests . Although its size is small, there is space for details such as sweets, some makeup, a handbag mirror, an aromatic candle or whatever you can think of to give as a gift. Its beautiful natural color in ecru combines perfectly with a printed design in dark tones. And if you prefer a more alternative touch, these mini cloth bags are also available in black.

Seed cloth bags

Eco-friendly and natural is all the rage, so it's no surprise that seed-filled cotton bags are becoming increasingly popular. Its size and moldable shape means that they can be stored anywhere and that it adapts well to all areas of the body. These seed bags are filled with wheat, rice, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, lavender ... It can be used cold or hot, depending on what we need it for. They serve to relieve muscle aches or help lower fever, among many other uses.

Aromatic cloth sachets

A retro detail that is returning to our lives are the scent bags , used to make the cabinets and furniture where we keep our clothes smell good. They can be hung on hangers or put in drawers and best of all, we can customize the fragrance! We can fill them with dried flowers, citrus peels, bars of soap or sea salt soaked in essential oils. As they have to be changed once a month and we have several places to store clothes at home, we recommend having at least 10 units of cloth bags to make aromatic bags.

Crafts and DIY

If you are passionate about the world of DIY (Do It Yourself, that is, do it yourself), these fabric bags are an opportunity to be creative, since they can be decorated and painted in multiple ways. Its 100% cotton fabric allows decoration with textile markers, paint or beads. They are a great addition to craft workshops in schools, civic centers, associations, esplais and camps.

Bulk Shopping Bags

There are more and more organic stores where we can buy different foods in bulk, such as legumes, nuts, cereals or pasta. To reduce the consumption of plastic, these establishments offer a sustainable and reusable alternative : mini cloth bags. Its adjustable closure and its breathable fabric make these customizable bags essential companions to go shopping and join a zero waste lifestyle. You can consult our online catalog to discover all the bags that we have available for printing or plain. : D
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