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Polo shirts online

Our catalog of polo shirts has more than 120 models of different styles, qualities, colors and brands. But don't worry! Our filter system will help you find the perfect polo model for you;)

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Buy custom polo shirts

Types of poles

The polo shirt has always been a garment halfway between elegance and comfort. It is more formal than a shirt but much more comfortable and more casual than a shirt. It is the perfect garment for workwear , companies and sports clubs.

Are you looking for wholesale polo shirts ? On our website you will find plain polo shirts from only 10 units, up to 200, 500 or 1000 !!! The ones you need! In addition, you can easily calculate the online price of unprinted or personalized polo shirts by clicking on each garment.
Do you need more than 1000 units? Call us, we have special prices for you.

We offer very affordable prices with large quantity discounts. Our prices are degressive. The higher the number of poles, the lower the unit price. If you are looking for cheap personalized or plain polo shirts, the prices on our website will convince you. We recommend choosing mid-range or high-end polo shirts if you want to use them as workwear. The comfort of your workers and the image of your company will thank you. ;)

In our online catalog you will find different styles of polo shirts for men, women and children:

  • Short sleeve polo shirts
  • Long sleeve polo shirts
  • Cotton and polycotton polo shirts
  • Technical poles
  • High visibility
  • Two-color polo shirts
  • Classic cut and fitted polo shirts
  • Ecological poles

Ecological poles

Sustainable workwear

In our catalog we have a line of organic cotton polo shirts from organic farming certified by control union certifications, according to the organic exchange 100 standard. Very soft and natural, and very fashionable lately! The best way to personalize them is with the embroidery technique. It is the technique that adds the greatest value to your garments, and it looks especially good on polo shirts.

Technical poles

What is a technical pole?

A technical polo is a sports polo, that is to say, made of breathable 100% polyester fabric. It is ideal for practicing all kinds of sports: tennis, paddle tennis, and in today's case… bowling!

Main brands of polo shirts

We work with more than 10 different international brands, each one designed for a specific market sector.

  • Advertising polo shirts: Roly, Sol's, JHK, Makito, Fruit or Gildan polo shirts are very inexpensive polo shirts intended primarily for promotional purposes.
  • High-end polo shirts: if you are looking for high-quality polo shirts, we can recommend brands such as Clique or Kariban that take care of even the smallest detail.
  • Fashion polo shirts: If what you are looking for are stylish polo shirts to launch your clothing brand, the fabrics, cuts and colors of Tee jays, Stanley / Stella or B&C will enchant you.
  • Eco-friendly polo shirts: Both Stanley Stella and B&C have quality certified organic cotton polo shirts. Ideal polo shirts for designers who want to launch their own line or for eco-friendly companies.
  • Work polo shirts : Fruit of the Loom with its resistant fabrics and cheap prices is a perfect brand to create workwear. Work team, Roly and Sols, meanwhile, have interesting high visibility models.
  • Sports polo shirts: If you are looking for breathable polyester polo shirts for sports, Cam or Makito offer very cheap polo shirts. If instead you are looking for polo shirts for sports clubs and associations, Front Row has a very original assortment.

Customize polo shirts

In general, personalized polo shirts are used as work clothes or for events of associations and sports clubs. In addition, polo shirts are often considered a garment of higher value than t-shirts and that is why on many occasions we make printed polo shirts for luxury or prestigious events.

To create your custom polo shirts in general, we propose 3 textile printing techniques to reproduce your logos, texts or designs:

  • Screen printing : our star technique. Fast, inexpensive and high quality to reproduce logos with few colors.
  • Embroidery : the most elegant technique to personalize polo shirts. Embroidered polo shirts are ideal as workwear.
  • Digital printing : it is very unusual, but to reproduce designs with many colors we can resort to DTG.

Embroidered polo shirts, the best combination

Embroidered custom polo shirts are widely used in workwear, as they are a point between the informality of a shirt and the formality of a shirt. It is preferable to choose quality polo shirts to embroider, to achieve optimal results and a garment that will last you years and years.

Embroidering polo shirts is an option that undoubtedly adds value to your garments. It never goes out of style and its result is spectacularly resistant. We always calculate the budget for polo shirt embroidery depending on how many colors the design you send us has, the quantity of your order and the difficulty of the garment to be embroidered. And we are always honest in the budget, we give you the best price and we recommend the best combination of polo and embroidery for your project.

Customize polo shirts combining techniques

Sometimes we resort to combining techniques to obtain the result that the client needs.

Custom polo shirts with screen printing + vinyl

For example, we can make polo shirts with heart prints with custom vinyl and a single-ink screen print on the front and 2-ink screen print custom on the sleeves.

silkscreen polo shirts
polo shirts with vinyl

Custom polo shirts with screen printing + DTG + vinyl

In other cases we can make custom polo shirts in silkscreen, vinyl and DTG. Each technique has its advantages and is suitable for different types of design. Screen printing is an inexpensive and very good quality method that reproduces logos or texts with great definition and quality, but is limited to flat colors that do not include gradients or shadows. Therefore, for logos with gradients we use DTG or digital printing. The main advantage of this high definition technique is that it has no color limit and can even print photographs without losing quality in details or degrades. The results are especially good on quality polo shirts, although this technique cannot be printed on the sleeves of the garments. That's why when we want to print a logo with gradients on the sleeves, we opt for textile vinyl. It is an alternative widely used to stamp garments made of difficult fabrics, such as nylon, or to mark numbers. The printing vinyl offers many advantages: photographic quality, resistant to washing, opaque finish ... and the possibility of being applied on the sleeve of the polo shirts.

1-ink poles
poles with various techniques

Case of success

Example of embroidered polo shirts as Workwear

When we talk about workwear, polo shirts are undoubtedly one of the most popular garments. These polo shirts were embroidered for the well-known Juvé & Camps wineries.

The technical polo shirts for printing are 100% polyester, so they are light and easy to wash and dry. They are often used for sports or outdoor work during the hottest months. In these custom polo shirts we have used two printing techniques:

  • Embroidery : using gold thread, we have embroidered the company logo in the heart area.
  • Screen printing : we have stamped the back with gold ink to match the front embroidery.

The polo shirt embroidery results in elegant workwear, very resistant and with an impeccable image. Our clients usually embroider their logo on the back or on the sleeves. A small embroidery increases the value of any garment.

To make a budget for custom embroidered polo shirts we always need to see the design or logo first, as it is calculated based on the stitches needed and the order quantity.

The printing of polo shirts with screen printing is an equally resistant and very economical option, indicated for large designs with flat colors, and with an unbeatable value for money. Also, if you plan to print large quantities of personalized polo shirts, they will come out at a great price.

custom polo shirts
polo shirts with gold thread
silk screen poles
embroidered polo shirts
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