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Ecological clothing

At Cheap Wholesales we are committed to sustainability and ecological clothing and that is why every year we offer you a more complete and varied catalog of sustainable clothing.
We have everything from t-shirts to bags, sweatshirts, polo shirts or bags. And even fanny packs!
Our garments have all the official ecological seals and are perfect for both designers and eco-friendly companies or to create your sustainable merchandising for startups or associations.
You just have to use our filters to quickly find what you are looking for! :)

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We create merchandising that DOES transmit your values

Together we can stop the consumption of so-called fast fashion. By betting on ecological garments instead of normal cotton garments we are contributing to slow fashion .

The merchandising of your company, startup or organization must transmit your values. If among your values ​​you highlight sustainability, you should choose to make quality organic merchandising .

Luckily, more and more brands are opting for organic clothing and our suppliers every day expand their range of options and improve their prices.
Of course, ecological garments are somewhat more expensive, but today the difference is not as great as years ago. It is the perfect time to take the step .

From Cheap Wholesales we try to promote the consumption of sustainable garments.

Benefits? Sustainability, quality and smoothness.

Betting on sustainable fashion sounds great, but do we know all the benefits of personalized ecological clothing?

  1. The sustainable decision : organic clothing is produced sustainably using raw materials such as cotton, linen, recycled polyester, modal or viscose from organic farming. To obtain these materials, no pesticides, insecticides or toxic products are used that are aggressive for the environment, for workers or for the end consumer. In addition, the working conditions of all workers involved in the production of sustainable clothing are of vital importance.
  2. Your garments will last longer : one of the main reasons to personalize ecological clothing is that it is made to last: it is what is known as slow-fashion. The textile industry generates clothing collections at breakneck speed for rapid consumption. Instead, organic cotton t-shirts are designed to last for years.
    Ecological clothing is created to be resistant, thanks to its quality materials. In this way the consumption of fast fashion is reduced.
  3. You will be captivated by its softness : if you have never worn an ecological garment, wait no more. Few things are softer and more comfortable than organic cotton.

In short, you will not only be wearing soft and resistant ecological personalized garments, you will also be saving the planet resources. :)

Customizable organic clothing
Customize organic garments
Personalized bio clothing
Buy personalized ecological clothing

We have the perfect eco garment. Look no further!

Custom ecological t-shirts

Cheap Wholesales's star product are t-shirts, so we have prepared a special catalog of ecological t - shirts . We recommend you visit it if what you are looking for is a camis. It will be easier for you to use the filters and find in just a few seconds the perfect eco shirt for your project. ;)

Custom ecological sweatshirts

Ecological sweatshirts are gaining popularity thanks to our growing awareness of sustainable fashion.
Custom eco-friendly sweatshirts are becoming increasingly popular with designers, corporate apparel, clothing lines, and even band merchandise. As expected, they are more expensive than promotional clothing, but their quality makes it worth betting on eco clothing.

Screen-printed ecological sweatshirts

Organic sweatshirts are of high quality and are usually super comfortable and modern cut. It is worth choosing a suitable printing system, such as textile screen printing. Spectacular results up to 6 colors and allows printing up to the sleeves!

Custom ecological sweatshirts
Organic cotton sweatshirts
Custom organic sweatshirts
Printed sleeves sweatshirts

Embroidered ecological sweatshirts:

The embroidery of sweatshirts guarantees optimal, elegant and long-lasting results. This technique is ideal for adding value to any garment. In addition, it is available from just 10 units per design. 😉
A great option for a clothing brand. Crème de la crème!

Embroidery is one of the methods we recommend for printing organic cotton sweatshirts, and the results speak for themselves.
If you want to make personalized sweatshirts with embroidery, you can choose between two types of embroidery: classic embroidery or embroidered patches.

Embroidered organic sweatshirt
Personalization for sweatshirts
Embroidery sweatshirts
Embroidered organic sweatshirts

Custom ecological tote bags

Personalized ecological bags are one more step in the replacement of polluting plastic bags.
The recent legislative initiatives that are being promoted in our country to reduce the consumption of plastic bags are an excellent reason to start customizing organic bags with your logo and be prepared.
Although printed cotton bags may seem like less affordable packaging, they are cheaper than you might think. And since they are reused, it is extra publicity. And is that many people use the ecological tote bags to go to buy groceries, to carry notes from the university or as a comfortable bag, so your store, brand or business will have great visibility.
To print ecological bags you have several options, always depending on the design to be printed and the available budget. The 2 most used methods are screen printing or digital printing.

Organic cotton bags
Organic cotton bags
Ecological tote bags
Custom organic bags

The best ecological fabrics. Certificates, of course.

There are many ecological fabrics and we expand our eco catalog regularly trying to expand both garments and new fabrics. Of course, always paying special attention to the quality seals.
These are the sustainable materials that you can find in our catalog:

  • Organic cotton : the quintessential fabric for T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Recycled cotton: take advantage of production leftovers
  • Recycled Polyester - Produced from PET bottles.
  • Natural fabrics: tencel, modal and linen.

You care about the planet. U.S. too. We work together?

  • At Cheap Wholesales we take sustainability very seriously. Today it seems that all companies do it, but we started 30 years ago.
  • We are official distributors of the Stanley / Stella brand. Designers' favorite eco brand.
  • We offer a personalized label service to put the finishing touch to your creations.
  • Our garments have official certificates such as: Confidence in Textiles, Fair Wear Foundation, OCS Organic, OCS Blended, PETA approved Vegan, Global Recycled Standard and BSCI among others.
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