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Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

Florida : 760-677-4920 [email protected]

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Virginia: 209-962-9559 [email protected]

Experts in workwear

If you have come this far it is because you know that the image that a company transmits to the public counts more every day. We have over 120 garments in our online workwear catalog to help you create the perfect apparel for your business. Personalized aprons, vests with your logo, embroidered shirts, printed hats, where do we start? ;)

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Catalogs of work uniforms

In our online catalog of workwear you will find products from the main promotional textile brands such as B&C, Roly , Sol's, Makito or Cifra. Basic garments with a very good quality / price ratio.
In addition, we have also prepared a selection of specialized brands in the labor sector and premium ranges such as Workteam, Resultcore, MB, James and Nicholson or Yoko. We adapt to all budgets and needs! ;)

Workwear for all sectors

Thanks to our wide range of workwear , in our catalog you will find products aimed at a lot of different sectors. Bar aprons, medical pajamas, delivery vests? We have everything and more!

Here you have a small summary of what you will find:

Hotels and restaurants

Workwear for bars , hotels and restaurants is one of our specialties! This sector has been modernized a lot in recent years and our clients ask us for more current and somewhat more informal garments. And the catalog of personalized aprons has grown as it deserves. New models, with special colors and fabrics.

For events, fairs or as workwear, personalized aprons are a great option. You can stamp your logo or your brand's slogan on the apron and thus make your corporate identity more visible. We advise you to find a base color that is associated with your company. For parties and farewells it is also a fun and original option.

Range of products that we have for restaurants and hotels:

  • Long aprons
  • Short aprons
  • Denim aprons
  • shirts
  • Texan shirts
  • Caps
  • Boat hats
  • Chef hats
delantales Sols

Sol's Gramercy

From $ 2.91
delantales Roly

Roly Mini Apron

From 1.75 $
delantales Sols

Sol's Gala

From $ 3.45
delantales Kariban

Kariban K890

From 4.8 $
camisas Sols

Sol's Bristol

From 5.62 $
camisas BC

B&C Vision

From 14.79 $
gorras Work-Team

Work Team Cap

From 2.13 $
textil-hogar Work-Team

Work Team cook M609

From 4.31 $

Wardrobe for offices

Office wear is still quite classic and formal. Thanks to the wide variety of shades in work shirts, you are sure to find the perfect shirt for your business.

Clothing for offices:

  • Office vests
  • shirts
  • Chinese pants
  • Peak jerseys
  • Crew neck sweaters
camisas Sols

Sol's Escape W

From 5.21 $
camisas Sols

Sol's Berkeley

From 6.08 $
camisas Sols

Sol's Executive W

From 6.23 $
camisas Sols

Sol's Baltimore

From 6.23 $
jerseys Sols

Sol's Galaxy W

From 9.14 $
chalecos Sols

Sol's Gentlemen

From 7.61 $
jerseys Sols

Sol's Griffith

From 12.05 $
jerseys Sols

Sol's Ginger

From 11.17 $

Industrial clothing

If what you are looking for are resistant garments , with reflective bands or with a safety plus, we have a wide variety of garments for the construction sector, to work in factories, the metal sector, etc.

  • Safety vests
  • Multi-pocket vests
  • Work trousers
  • Industrial bibs
  • Industrial divers
  • Jackets
  • Work jerseys
chalecos MK

Makito Security-kross

From 1.38 $
chalecos Yoko

Yoko Safety vest 2 stripes Hi-Vis

From 2.25 $
chalecos Work-Team

Work Team Multi-pocket High visibility

From 14.2 $
pantalones Work-Team

Industrial Labor Work Team

From $ 8.05
petos Work-Team

Work Team Industrial bib

From 11.5 $
equipaciones Work-Team

Work Team Industrial diver

From $ 13
chaquetas Work-Team

Industrial Work Team

From 9.89 $
jerseys Work-Team

Work Team Industrial S5501

From 12.08 $

Medical clothing

We have a small selection of work clothes for hospitals and clinics, we advise customizing them with embroidery, to add quality to garments that need to be washed frequently:

  • Medical pajamas
  • Medical Pajama Pants
  • Robes
ropa-laboral Work-Team

Work Team Medical pajamas services

From 6.5 $
pantalones Work-Team

Work Team Medical pajamas services

From 6.73 $
chaquetas Work-Team

Work Team White coat services

From 11.79 $
chalecos Yoko

Yoko 2 stripes Hi Vis colors

From $ 2.42

High visibility garments

High visibility garments are essential in some jobs to exercise caution. Thanks to its fluorine colors and reflective bands , workers will be visible both in conditions of good visibility in bright light and in the middle of the night or in the dark.

Safety work clothes:

  • Reflective vests
  • Colorful reflective vests
  • High Visibility Shirts
  • Reflective Fluor Caps
  • Reflective stripe polo shirts
  • High Visibility Pants
  • Safety softshells
  • Work parkas
chalecos Roly

Syrian Security Roly

From 1.2 $
chalecos Work-Team

Work Team HVTT03 Colors

From 2.36 $
camisetas Work-Team

High visibility cotton touch work team

From 8.57 $
gorras MB

MB Fluor-reflex

From 4.21 $
polos Sols

Sol's Signal Pro

From 7.29 $
pantalones Roly

Roly naos

From 8.96 $
softshell Roly

Roly Antares

From 17.91 $
chaquetas Roly

Roly Epsylon

From 19.96 $

Cleaning and services

For the service sector we have comfortable and practical garments for frequent use by workers. Always giving priority to freedom of movement and practicality.

  • Caps
  • Service gowns
  • Chasubles of service
  • White coats
gorras Work-Team

Work Team Cap services

From 2.13 $
textil-hogar Work-Team

Work Team Chasuble Services M2008 W

From 6.1 $
textil-hogar Work-Team

Work Team Chasuble Services M2007 W

From 7.42 $
ropa-laboral Work-Team

Work Team Bata Services

From 9.2 $

Clothing for carriers

Deliveries and carriers need comfortable and warm clothing to cope with the cold or rain. They usually start their working hours very early and it is not a matter of catching a cold! : P

Deliveries and carriers need comfortable and warm clothing to cope with the cold or rain. They usually start their working hours very early and it is not a matter of catching a cold!
  • Workwear for couriers:
  • Padded vests
  • Polar
  • Multi-pocket vests
  • Industrial jerseys
  • Raincoats
chalecos MK

Makito forest

From 5.67 $
chalecos Roly

Roly Almanzor

From 8.2 $
chalecos Sols

Sol's Wells

From 13.69 $
chaquetas Work-Team

Industrial Work Team S4500

From 12.54 $

Customer Support

For public-facing jobs in shops, businesses, fairs, congresses, hotels and companies we sometimes look for an informal point with t-shirts or polo shirts, but if you are looking for a plus of seriousness we offer you a wide range of garments.

Uniforms for hostesses and receptionists:

  • Vests
  • Cardigans
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Denim shirts
  • Jerseys
jerseys Sols

Sol's Galaxy

From 9.14 $
jerseys Sols

Sol's Griffin

From 12.05 $
camisas Sols

Sol's Bristol Fit

From 5.62 $
camisas StanleyStella

Stanley / Stella Innovates Denim

From 17.25 $

Staff at events

When organizing an event it is essential that the security or information personnel are perfectly visible and reachable at all times in case of an emergency. Depending on the time of year or weather conditions, we recommend some garments or others.

Staff work uniforms:

  • Safety vests
  • Padded vests
  • Polar
  • Softshells and parkas
  • Padded jackets
chalecos MK

Makito Security-kross

From 1.38 $
chalecos Resultcore

Resultcore High Visibility W

From 3.53 $
chalecos MK

Makito Malaga-padded

From 6.87 $
chaquetas Roly

Roly Europe

From 10.96 $

Custom workwear

We have many ways and techniques to personalize workwear in our stamping workshop: digital printing, textile sublimation, quadritrans, vinyl, etc. However, these are the 2 most used techniques to personalize clothes for companies due to their high resistance to washing, their high quality and the showiness of the results.

  • Textile screen printing : we work with high quality inks that ensure spectacular results for your work clothes.
    It is one of our most economical printing techniques, especially in large runs and in printed garments up to 2 colors.
  • Embroidery : embroidered garments are elegant, add value to your brand and have a plus of resistance.
    We use threads from the German brand Madeira. Top quality threads to embroider your logos up to 15 colors.

Tips for making custom workwear

  1. Choose quality garments : work clothes need to be washed regularly. Promotional garments are not intended for long-term daily use. High-end garments are more resistant and pay off in the long run.
  2. Corporate colors : we recommend you keep the corporate colors of your company or business, whether in the choice of the tone of the garment or the logo. We remind you that in serigraphy we can reproduce corporate pantones with high fidelity.
    It is important to maintain consistency in the image that we transmit to the outside.
  3. Name or logo clearly visible : sometimes it is better to put less information and put the essential well highlighted. Our recommendation is to give the main weight to your company logo and secondly to your slogan or website.
  4. Clothing according to the job position : it goes without saying that you have to choose clothes that fit the job position. A greengrocer won't go in a long-sleeved shirt or a fancy hotel receptionist in a flat cap. You have to adapt to the public and the circumstances.
  5. Ask your workers : staff are always grateful to be consulted and not to have clothing imposed on them. As far as possible we can always check what is most comfortable for workers. After all, they are the ones who are going to wear the clothes on a daily basis.
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