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Softshells online catalog

Breathability, impermeability and wind resistance are the main virtues of the versatile softshells. Take a look at our more than 35 models of soft shells to customize for men, women and children. Printed, embroidered or plain, you choose!

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Buy softshells online

Information on Polar Fabric

We all know that polar fleeces are to keep warm and we have all worn a fleece at some time, but do we know what polar fabric is made of?

The polar lining - polar fleece - was born as a substitute for wool and is a synthetic knitted fabric. It is mostly 100% polyester.

There are different grammages of polar, the finest are known as micropolars and the thickest are designed to insulate us from the cold in more extreme temperatures.

By retaining very little moisture, fleeces are easy to wash and dry garments and to top it off they are breathable . We recommend them to practice sports, mainly outdoors.

Why do we like polar ones so much? Well, because they are light, comfortable, they keep you warm and because they are incredibly soft . They allow us to be warm without having to wear heavy coats.

Like everything, they also have their small disadvantages. They couldn't be perfect! The polar fabric tends to form little balls. For this reason, many of our fleeces have anti-pilling treatment to prevent those annoying little balls.

Softshells are outerwear designed for outdoor sports and especially for mountain sports, hiking, cycling or running. The vests and soft shell jackets are waterproof and will protect you from the wind. But what makes softshells so special? Without a doubt, its breathability. An essential when practicing any type of physical activity. And if that wasn't enough, they are very comfortable and light garments. A winning combination!

In addition to being an essential garment in the world of sports, softshells have become a modern and practical garment to create personalized workwear for transport companies, events, etc. Both vests and softshell jackets provide a lot of flexibility of movement and allow workers to be comfortable and protected in cold environments with low temperatures or in adverse weather conditions such as wind or rain. Both for exteriors and for workshops and industrial buildings, softshells are your best allies.

The modern and current cut of the softshells also make it a perfect garment for the city. Many sports clubs choose them to make their street kits and many sports brands, especially those related to mountain sports, choose them to create clothing brands with their designs.

How are softshells made?

Softshells are generally composed of 3 layers:

  1. Waterproof layer: the outer layer is usually 100% polyester or nylon fabric, it provides waterproofing and does not allow rain or water to penetrate the fabric.
  2. Windproof layer: the middle layer is made up of a breathable membrane that prevents cold and wind from penetrating to the inner layer.
  3. Fleece layer: the inner layer is a fleece that what it does is keep body heat.

Softshells online

Now we know what softshells are used for, their properties and how they are made, but what can you find in our online softshells catalog?

  • Softshell jackets
  • Soft shell vests
  • Softshells for men, women and children
  • High visibility
  • In two-color tones with zipper or contrasting sleeves
  • Soft shells without stamping
  • Of the main promotional brands: Softshells Roly, Makito and Sols
  • High quality softshells: from brands such as Clique, Stedman, Resultcore or Kariban

Custom softshells

We recommend printing softshells in 1-color textile screen printing for the tightest budgets.
Namely: the polyester fabric of softshells tends to sublimate when printed in textile screen printing. For example, if we stamp a red softshell with white ink, the stamping can turn pinkish over time. We use special inks in our workshop to combat this, even so it is very complicated depending on the model.

If you make embroidered softshells, you will ensure the highest quality results. Embroidery is a timeless technique that transmits value, seriousness and prestige.
We can embroider up to 15 colors.
Namely: we use Madeira brand yarn of the highest quality. The German brand is one of the most recognized in terms of yarns. High quality, resistant threads with a very wide color range.

You can calculate your online budget for custom softshell jackets and softshells without printing or contact us and we will make a custom quote for embroidered soft shells. We look forward to your designs! ;)

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