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Custom Vests

Surely you hadn't even considered that there were as many types of vests as we have in our online textile catalog! We have more than 60 models of the leading brands: safety vests, padded, polar, softshell and multi-pocket, among many others. But don't worry, thanks to our filters you will surely find the one you need in a few seconds. :)

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Buy vests online

The best brands of vests

What brands of vests do we work with? Well, with most of the promotional textile brands specialized in workwear :

  • Advertising range: Makito, Cam, Roly and Cifra.
  • Mid-range for merchandising and workwear: Sol's, Yoko and a part of Roly.
  • High end for professional workwear and fashion: Stedman, Workteam, Stanley / Stella, Resultcore, Kariban, James and Nicholson and Clique.

Our only requirement? From 10 units with stamping or without personalization. However you want!

Vests types

Our online catalog of vests is focused on both the promotional world and the work world. We have models for men, women and children available in a lot of colors:

  • Safety vests
  • Multi-pocket vests
  • Padded vests
  • Polar Vests
  • Waiter type vests
  • Knit vests
  • Softshell
  • Reversible
  • Sports bibs
  • Ecological vests

Work vests

The corporate vests are one of the essential garments for the workwear of industrial professions, workers, delivery men, masons, among many others.

High visibility vests - also known colloquially as yellow vests - are ideal so that workers are always well visible. Maximum safety thanks to its fluorine colors and reflective bands.

For outdoor work or in cold environments, fleece vests and padded vests are perfect because they keep at a good temperature while maintaining freedom of movement.

Multi-pocket vests are usually one of the most sought after garments for associations and NGOs. Volunteer vests are easily recognizable and extremely practical.

For offices and customer service jobs we offer work vests . The knitted ones are perfect for office workers and receptionists while the waiter-type vests are ideal for restaurants and hotels.

Vests for Advertising and events

Advertising vests are the perfect showcase for your brand . They can be stamped on the heart or on the back with your designs.

Custom reflective vests are very common to dress staff and security personnel at events of all kinds. To be perfectly visible at all times.

Also for sports

Vests for sports? Of course! Sports bibs are an essential garment for training teams for football, basketball, handball, etc. And a classic for practicing physical education at school!
We also recommend the softshell vests for mountain activities and the multi-pockets to create your custom hunting vests.

Premium Vests

If what you are looking for are vests to complete your clothing line, thanks to brands such as Stanley / Stella or B&C, we can offer you vests to personalize that fit your brand. Its trendy models with a hood or its ecological vests have the urban touch that designers are looking for today.

Customize vests

In our textile printing workshop we have several customization systems to print vests. Don't you know which technique to choose? Relax, depending on the fabric of the garment and how your logo is, we will advise you one or the other. ;)

  • Embroidered vests : embroidery is the best technique to personalize feather vests, fleeces and soft shells.
  • Screen Printed Vests : To make cheap work vests or promotional garments, screen printing is the option with the best quality / price ratio.
  • Vests with vinyl : a fast, cheap and good quality technique.

Embroidered vests

Embroidery is one of the most used techniques in custom vests . It is usually used on garments that are difficult to print, due to its hardness or relief. It is always an added value and is much cheaper than it seems. The price of custom embroidery is calculated based on the stitches required by the design, the order number and the difficulty of the garment. For this reason, we will always ask you for the design first to make a budget for you.

If we want to create personalized softshells, we must bear in mind that not just any printing technique will work, due to the characteristics of its multiple layers and mixtures of technical fabrics. For this reason we rely on embroidery to achieve optimal results.

Embroidered Vests
Custom Vests
Embroidered detail on vest
Embroidered vests 3 threads

In the printing of workwear, the finish and resistance are of vital importance. It is clothing that will be worn daily for many hours and will be washed frequently. An embroidery, in addition to being elegant, lasts a lifetime.

Screen printed vests

Custom Reflective Safety Vests
Vests with screen printing
Print detail on vest
Screen printed vests

Textile screen printing is the most used customization technique in our workshop, due to its great value for money. You will not find a method that gives better results at such a competitive price, and it is also the best choice for simple logos or texts.

Vests with vinyl

We offer two types of vinyl to customize vests:

  • Single Cut Vinyl - This is the cheapest and fastest option. We outline the design and leave a slight frame when trimming, always in tune with the color of the garment itself.
  • Detailed Cut Vinyl - The design is cut very precisely and in detail, and while the process is more thorough and less economical, the results are always spectacular.
Custom Vests with vinyl
Vinyl detail on vest
Vests with cut vinyl
Custom padded vests

You can combine the color of the personalized vest with the corporate colors of your company, for example. It is also very useful for event staff that require high visibility, such as concerts, festivals or races. Even for demonstrations.

Fast delivery, where you need it

We serve throughout United States quickly and efficiently. Do you need 10 custom vests in Florida? 2500 cheap reflective vests without printing? 300 sports bibs for an event in Washington DC? We will deliver them to you within the agreed period and always offering our best price. We are the vest supplier you are looking for.

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