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Custom shirts

If you have reached our online catalog of shirts, it is because you are looking for personalized or unprinted shirts. Well, we have good news! We offer you more than 50 models of the best brands in a wide assortment of colors, styles and sizes. And from only 10 units! ;)

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Online catalog of shirts

The shirts are elegant garments, with a lot of bearing and style. For this reason, more and more customers are launching to try these garments to give an original and elegant touch to their creations. Do you dare to customize shirts for your company?

What will you find in our shirt catalog?

The shirts are often used as work clothes for restaurants or bars, as a uniform at fairs or as street gear for athletes. We have various styles and qualities in our online shirt catalog. For them, for them, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, fitted, etc. Personalized workwear is essential to convey a corporate image, and embroidering a garment is always an added value.
  • Shirts for men, for women and for everyone.
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Three-quarter sleeve
  • Classic and fitted
  • Oxford shirts
  • Work and industrial shirts
  • Texan shirts
  • Ecological shirts
  • Medical pajamas
  • Blouses
  • Shirts with or without pockets
  • Polka dot, bicolor, etc.

We have 100% cotton, polycotton, twill cotton, poplin, organic cotton shirts, etc. We offer different ranges to try to adjust to all the budgets and needs of our clients:

  • Cheap shirts : Roly and Sol's have ideal models to make advertising shirts, for fairs, associations, or events. Basic garments at the best price.
  • Mid-range : Both B&C and Sols have a very complete mid-range with a lot of designs and styles that can fit you for your work wardrobe in bars, restaurants, hotels or offices.
  • High quality shirts : if you are looking to make premium workwear or create your own clothing brand, we recommend Stanley Stella and its organic shirts, or the premium finishes from JN, Work Team and the German brand Seidensticker.
    Tip: denim shirts are the latest in cool bars and restaurants;)

Customize shirts

How do we recommend customizing shirts? To reproduce your logos, designs and texts, we mainly propose 2 classic stamping techniques:

  • Textile screen printing : the best quality / price. Perfect for large runs. It is an ideal technique for promotional garments, workwear or designers.
  • Custom Embroidered Shirts : Embroidered shirts are very strong, classic and elegant. Although it was a technique rather reserved for work clothes, designers are betting on it to create their fashion collections. The best printing method to create personalized shirts is undoubtedly embroidering with your logo or design. It is the system most in line with the garment. Elegant, durable and classy.

Examples of embroidered shirts

Embroidered shirts
Embroidered shirts
Embroidered shirts
Embroidered shirts

Wholesale shirts

Our practical calculator will allow you to calculate your budget for shirts without printing in just a few seconds. You can change the quantity and delivery times and the price will come out automatically. It also allows you to calculate the price of silk-screened shirts. What are you waiting for? ;)

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