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Scarves and tubulars online

The clubs, associations, NGOs and party committees are in luck! We have more than 15 scarves to personalize in our online catalog of bandanas and tubulars . Click on each garment to calculate your online budget for scarves from only 10 units. No printing or personalized!

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In our online catalog you will find a lot of scarves and collars of different ranges, styles and colors , from only 10 units:

Buy scarves online.

Custom Scarves

  • Square scarves
  • Triangular bandanas
  • Polyester tubulars
  • Polar panties
  • Full print collars
  • Fleece scarf
  • Pirate scarf

The perfect scarf for every occasion

We work with various brands such as Cam, Myrtle beach, Makito, Roly and Sols, among others, to be able to offer you the perfect garment for every circumstance. Are you looking for good quality personalized cotton scarves?

  • For clubs : personalized triangular scarves for clubs and popular parties are one of the stars of our catalog. Can you imagine a San Fermín without red scarves? Big parties are not the same without the classic bandanas!
  • Associations : both cotton scarves and personalized neck covers are ideal to dress members of an NGO or association. Sometimes they are even used as merchandising for entities and companies.
  • Sporting Events : Custom racing neck warmers are a hit. For summer the polyester ones are worn and for winter the silk-screened or embroidered polar panties.
  • Farewells : bandanas are inexpensive and original. Perfect for celebrating well-coordinated bachelor parties. And forget about the problem of sizes!
  • Weddings : Personalized wedding handkerchiefs are an original and fun gift for guests. You can decorate them with the initials of the bride and groom and the date of the ceremony.
  • Teachers : a precious souvenir for teachers and teachers are the personalized handkerchiefs with the names, signatures or drawings of all the students in the class. Headbands and tubulars are a useful and inexpensive souvenir!
  • Advertising gifts : we offer you personalized scarves with the logo of your company or event, bandanas with the slogan of your promotional campaign or multifunctional neck for advertising.
  • Dogs : Bandanas look good on everyone. Even our furry friends! We do not have specific models for dogs, but we can attest that they look great on them. : P

How to print scarves

Depending on how your drawing is, we will recommend one technique or another. Textile screen printing is our star customization technique. It is very economical but only allows you to print simple logos. If you want to make cheap personalized scarves, don't hesitate any longer. It is your option!

If instead you want to personalize 100% of the garment with photos or designs with many colors or gradients, the answer is full print . Super resistant, without touch and with finishes of 10. It is the most used technique for tubular scarves.

...or not

If what you are looking for are cheap bandanas or inexpensive neck warmers without printing , on our website you can buy scarves from only 10 units. And at wholesale prices !

Remember that we apply large discounts for quantities. No surprises. You can directly calculate your budget online on our website. We always offer you our best price.

We serve throughout United States

Wherever you are, we come to you! We serve throughout the peninsular United States and are famous for our punctuality :) In addition, we have free shipping costs with our normal 14-day service.

Do you need 500 personalized scarves in Seville? 50 smooth multi-position collars in Florida? 4000 neck warmers for a race in Bilbao? 12 silk-screened bandanas for a bachelor party in Washington DC? No problem! We are here to help you .

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