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Personalización textil

Textile customization

High quality printing to create the best custom clothing.

Asesores personalizacion

Don't know how to stamp your design? Are you very clear about what type of textile customization you want? Do you have doubts between 2 printing techniques? Don't worry, at Cheap Wholesales we are here to help you .

What criteria influence when choosing the type of printing?

  • Your design and its number of colors
  • The type of garment and its fabric
  • The quantity of garments
  • Your budget

With more than 35 years of experience, clothing customization is no longer a secret to us. Here we summarize our stamping techniques and give you some practical advice

Serigrafía textil

Textile screen printing

Our most used technique for both small runs and large runs of clothing. Screen printing is a traditional printing process that involves passing ink through a mesh stretched on a screen. Each color of the design requires a photolith, a screen and an ink pass.

  • Advantages: Very economical price, especially for large print runs. High resistance to washing.
  • Disadvantages: It does not allow to print more than 6 colors or gradients.
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Digital printing

DTG digital printing is printed directly onto the garment with a special high definition printer. It allows printing without limit of color with photographic finish.

  • Advantages: Full color, durable and quality.
  • Disadvantages: It only allows printing on cotton garments on the front or on the back.
Everything and more about DTG
Impresión digital



A traditional method that consists of embroidering directly on the garment with colored threads. It is elegant, classic and of high quality .

  • Advantages: High resistance to washing and high quality results.
  • Disadvantages: It is not recommended on fine fabrics or for tight budgets.

Embroidered patches: Embroidered patches can be ironed on or sewn onto garments.

  • Advantages: Durable, quality and with a modern touch.
  • Disadvantages: Not recommended for tight budgets or very fine fabrics.
Everything there is to know about industrial embroidery

Una gran impresión

At Cheap Wholesales we help you make your project make a great impression .


Full print

Printing technique without color limits that is printed on the entire garment . It is without a doubt our most original technique. It will allow you to unleash your creativity!

  • Advantages: Perfect full color finish, indelible and imperceptible to the touch.
  • Disadvantages: It is only suitable on white 100% polyester fabric. There is no continuity between the body and sleeves of the shirts.
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Full print



Vinyl is a thermo-adhesive plastic material with different finishing options. You can choose between 2 types of vinyl:

Cut vinyl : to reproduce simple texts and logos in one color. Ideal for numbering.
Printing vinyl : for designs with no color limit.

  • Advantages: individual customization, a wide variety of vinyls available and the possibility of printing on difficult garments.
  • Disadvantages: Very perceptible to the touch and glossy finish depending on the type of vinyl chosen.
Vinyl and its characteristics

Custom labels

We propose a lot of options for the labeling of your personalized garments. They are perfect to add value to your clothing brand . Screen-printed, woven, printed or cardboard, we have it all!

  • Advantages: you are going to make a difference.
  • Disadvantages: each garment has its peculiarities and accepts one type or another of labels.
See more about garment labeling
Etiquetas personalizadas



The best technique without a doubt to print white polyester garments . Whether sportswear or cotton touch.

  • Advantages: Full color, touchless and does not rub off!
  • Disadvantages: It can only be done on white polyester clothing.
    Learn more about textile sublimation


    Transfer printing system on white or very light garments. We recommend this technique for occasional use advertising garments .

    • Advantages: Fast, inexpensive and unlimited in color.
    • Disadvantages: You can only iron on very light clothes and the finish is basic, not suitable for resale.
    Everything there is to know about the copitrans



    The quadritrans is a technique similar to vinyl but with a lighter touch. It allows printing in full color on complicated garments such as softshells.

    • Advantages: It allows us to customize garments that with other techniques is practically impossible.
    • Disadvantages: The minimum order is 50 units and the finish is similar to vinyl.
    I want to know the characteristics of the quadritrans

    Choose a technique that enhances your branding

    It is very important to select a stamping technique according to the style of your brand

    For example, when we do corporate merchandising for Cheap Wholesales we usually opt for embroidery or textile screen printing. These are the customization systems that we believe best fit with the professional image we want to convey, that best match our brand identity.

    Can we help you boost your branding? :)
    Escoged una técnica que potencie vuestro branding

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