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DTG printing

Direct digital printing with no color limit

What is digital textile printing?

Direct printing is a textile printing technique that prints directly on garments through a special printer. The ink is printed with high definition heads. The technique allows to reproduce photographs and designs in full color with spectacular finishes and in record production time. Sounds good right? ;)

It is a technique similar to lifelong screen printing, but it does not involve the use of several screens or the filming process. It is also known as digital screen printing or DTG.

Digital screen printing process:

  • We prepare the file that the client has sent us
  • Setting up the machine and loading the file
  • We manually sheathe garments
  • Pretreatment of the garment in the machine itself
  • Printing the drawing with special ink
  • We manually remove the garments
  • Passage through the drying tunnel to fix the impression
  • The garment is ready to ship!
impresión digital textilproceso de serigrafía digital

Advantages and disadvantages of digital printing

DTG digital printing has revolutionized online textile personalization. It's fast, cheap, and with high image quality. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing in our post today.

Advantages of digital textile printing

  1. Save time: unlike screen printing, there is no need to mount screens or photoliths, as custom t-shirt printing is done directly.
  2. No Color Limit - Complex designs full of details and colors are no problem for DTG on T-shirts.
  3. Little touch: forget the typical touch of plastic on your personalized t-shirts. Direct digital printing leaves a soft and unobtrusive feel on cotton.
  4. High quality: direct t-shirt printing gives highly durable results.
  5. Cost-effective to resell: In short, medium or large runs, DTG printing is very affordable for all types of budgets.

Disadvantages of digital textile printing

  1. Color Variations - Fidelity to the original file is very high, but colors will never be as vivid in digital T-shirt printing as in the original design.
  2. Only suitable for cotton: it cannot be used on shirts or garments made of polyester, lycra, nylon, non woven ... only on customizable cotton clothing or with a high percentage of cotton in its composition.
  3. T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags: due to the characteristics of the digital printer, we can only print on tote bags, sweatshirts or customizable shirts.
  4. High delivery times in large orders: although in small orders it is a very fast technique, printing a large number of t-shirts can lengthen the delivery times of the order.
direct to garment

DTG printing faq

Why is digital textile printing called DTG?

Very easy. Its name comes from the English Direct To Garment, that is, direct on the garment . The ink is printed on the T-shirts, bags, polo shirts or sweatshirts that are previously placed in the machine.

Direct to garment printing, as mentioned in the wikipedia article , began in the United States in 1996 with the first digital printer known as the “Revolution”. The creation was the work of Matthew Rhome. Thanks, Matthew!

Here in the United States we know this type of printing as digital textile printing, direct printing, digital screen printing or DTG. Important not to confuse with the DGT! : P

Is digital printing a sustainable technique?

At Cheap Wholesales we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers digital printing, one of the most environmentally friendly stamping techniques today :

  • It does not use water : digital printing is a 100% dry stamping system, which means a reduction in water consumption.
  • Biodegradable Inks : The inks our Kornit printer uses are water-based NeoPigment ™ inks. They are free of toxic and dangerous substances. They are 100% biodegradable. You can consult here the technical data sheet for Kornit's water-based inks.
  • Low power consumption : Kornit printers are state of the art and are designed to consume very little electricity.

To know: If you also choose ecological garments from our catalog, your project will be perfect for sustainable projects and eco-friendly clothing lines.

impresion sostenible camisetas
kornit avalanche

What is the best digital textile printer?

As in everything, it depends on taste. But without a doubt, the Kornit Avalanche printer that we have in our Cheap Wholesales workshop is one of the best machines in the direct textile printing market. High definition results and high quality printing full of contrasts, details and shadows can be achieved.

"The combination of Kornit's advanced technology and unprecedented color gamut enables users to produce excellent quality prints in vivid color and at high speed."

Can I print on black shirts or colored shirts?

Yes, our digital printer allows printing on any garment color . Be it red, black, white or yellow. You just have to take into account that on white garments the printing is usually more integrated and on colored garments it has a little more touch.

Many people still think that digital printing only allows printing on white for 2 main reasons:

  • There are some digital printers that only allow printing on white or very light garments. They are simpler printer models than the one we have in our workshop.
  • There are some printing techniques such as copitrans that only allow printing on white or light garment tones. They usually offer it in copy shops.
camisetas negras impresion digital
¿quedan igual?

Will the shirts be the same as my drawing?

Being literally a printer has its limitations when it comes to printing T-shirts. You cannot print metallic or fluorescent colors and the final print result may differ slightly from the original design, especially with photos. The result is of very good quality, but never exactly identical . Let's not forget that we do not print on white paper but on colored t-shirts.

Is it normal to see "dots"?

Yes it's normal. By far the designs are perfect, but if we look closely at the garment, it shows the printing dots in CMYK as when we look closely at a newspaper. As we discussed, it is still a printer for clothing.

puntitos dtg
enviar archivos

How to send the files?

To achieve the best possible results, the ideal would be to send us your designs in JPG, TIFF, PDF or vector format with the fonts drawn and always with a transparent background. The higher the image quality, the better the print .

If you need to see a preview, it is possible to send a photograph via email or the physical shirt, at a separate cost. Do not hesitate to ask us any question that may arise.

Can I make shirts with well-known brands or characters?

It depends. We only accept orders with trademarks or registered images of their legitimate owners or authorized distributors. Of course, if your design is a version or parody based on a series, movie or a comic, there is no problem. In case of doubt, we will have you sign Cheap Wholesales's copyright document.

camisetas con marcas
tener en cuenta

Data to take into account:

  • Minimum order of 10 units.
  • We advise choosing good quality garments for digital printing.
  • Printing is only on the front or back of the shirt.
  • We can digitally print on granite poles. White ones look especially good with this method!
  • It is not possible to print digitally on garments made of lycra, polyester, nylon ...
  • We print on long-handled bags, as long as they are of a certain thickness and quality.
  • Garments may have a special odor due to pretreatment applied prior to printing. Relax, it goes with the washes. ;)
  • The delivery time depends exclusively on the amount of garments you order.

Examples of digital textile printing

How to get a digital printing budget?

You just have to choose the product that best suits your project and calculate your budget online with our practical calculator . Not because we made it ourselves, but it is comfortable and above all… instant!

You can also fill out the form below, call us at 209-962-9559 or write to us at [email protected] Of course we will also be delighted to welcome you to our stores in Florida, Washington DC or Texas.

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