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Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

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High-quality and durable classic customization

Custom embroidery

Embroidery is a high-quality and durable customization technique. Without a doubt, it is the most suitable system to add value to your garments. :)

Our main clients for custom embroidery are sports clubs, universities, designers, prestigious events and companies that create workwear for their workers.

Embroidering has never been so easy! From just 10 units you can create shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, backpacks, caps or polo shirts with your logo or design.

We offer 2 types of custom embroidery : classic embroidery and iron-on embroidered badges.

We generally embroider simple logos in 1, 2 or 3 colors. Remember that this technique does not allow you to reproduce complicated designs or photos, but it does reproduce drawings of up to 12 colors.

Classic embroidery

Classic embroidery is embroidered directly onto the fabric of the garment.

They are spectacular on quality garments, premium customization.

Washing embroidery does not need any special care, but it is always better to wash clothes in warm water.

If you want to make embroidered names type kits we will provide you with a list of fonts so that you can choose the one you like the most. In this way you will save the costs of picking.

Nowadays it is very fashionable to make embroidered t-shirts , but for the best result we recommend choosing heavy-weight t-shirts to be 180/190 grams. If you have doubts about which garments are the most suitable for making custom embroidered shirts , get in touch with us and we will advise you;)

Iron-On Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are ideal for kits, sports clubs or designers. They are very useful for thick or waterproof garments that do not allow embroidering on their surface: Parkas, vests, certain caps, etc. We use thermoadhesive patches because they have more body and are spectacular.

We offer 3 possibilities:
  • Sew them to the garment.
  • Fix them with heat with a special iron in our workshop.
  • Send them loose to iron / sew them yourself.


If ironed, they are somewhat more delicate than traditional embroidery if not washed properly. We recommend not washing with hot water or using the dryer to prevent them from coming off. Therefore it is always better to sew them.

We cannot iron iron-on patches on raincoats, raincoats and garments with Teflon, taffeta or silky coating as they repel the patch.

Request a quote for embroidered patches

What garments to choose to embroider?

We always insist that you choose quality garments of somewhat thick weights to make your embroidery.

It is not worth choosing a basic and inexpensive promotional shirt to embroider it later. We recommend that you select garments at the level of the technique, and if you are somewhat lost, do not worry, our advisers will advise you on the most appropriate models. You can find suitable garments for embroidery in our Ecological Clothing and Premium Clothing catalogs.

Yarn quality

We only use yarn from the German brand Madeira , one of the most prestigious brands in the sector and which offers the highest quality in the market. They have been specialists in yarns since 1919.

All its yarns have the Confidence in Textiles quality seal, which ensures that they are free of toxic substances both for us and for the environment. In addition, Madeira has the Dekra certificate for quality management.

To get as close to the tones of your designs as possible, we work with 3 color cards : 400 shades of rayon embroidery thread, more than 130 types of light-resistant matte embroidery thread and about 400 polyester threads.

For the labor sector, we use polyester thread since, being garments that are washed with a very high frequency, we choose the thread that is more resistant and with greater resistance to chlorine.

For the fashion sector we use rayon thread that has a finer finish. If you are looking for unusual effects, you can opt for fluorine tones or metallic tones.

Data to take into account:

  • You have to bear in mind that embroidery requires a slower and more detailed work than other techniques such as screen printing and that it causes delivery times to increase slightly.
  • We are equipped with multi-head machines to embroider all types of garments up to 12 colors.
  • Each fabric has its peculiarities. It is more difficult to embroider on t-shirts or lycra garments since the fabric has more movement and the result is less sharp than on more rigid fabrics such as polo shirts or shirts.
  • The embroidery programs are different for caps than for T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts or towels. You have to adapt them.
  • We never accept customer-supplied garments , we only embroider garments from our catalog.
  • Sometimes a PVC background fabric is used to complete certain parts of your design and thus reduce the embroidery budget. It's ultra-resistant, colorfast, and available in a range of basic colors.
  • Do you want to embroider with metallic thread ? We have various shades of gold, silver and copper. However, it must be known that the metallic thread is normal thread covered with metallic thread, therefore it does not allow to print logos that are too small or too complicated. It allows to give less stitches.
  • We generally work with No. 40 thread.

How to get an embroidery quote?

We do not have a fixed fee for embroidery. In order to give you an exact budget, we have to see your design and thus be able to calculate based on the stitches in the drawing, the number of garments and the difficulty of the model. A backpack, for example, is more difficult to embroider than a polo shirt or shirt.

If you want to request an embroidery budget, send us the original to [email protected] indicating the garment model, quantity and size of embroidery or fill in this form. We will contact you as soon as possible with your customized budget.

See examples of Embroidery

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