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Sumérgete en la personalización 360º

Immerse yourself in 360º personalization
Full Print is the most original and exciting textile personalization system we offer. Years ago customizing an entire garment sounded crazy, but now it's possible with Cheap Wholesales. We call it Full Print stamping, but it is also known as all over stamping or total printing. Whatever you call it, we sure understand each other;)

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Full print sin limite de color

Goodbye to color barriers
Forget about the "maximum 6 colors". Full Print allows you to reproduce all kinds of designs without color limits . All over t-shirts with the face of a friend getting married? Sports kits in the colors of the rainbow? Gradients, shadows and photographs are welcome in our stamping workshop. You can give free rein to your imagination;)

Full print sin imperfecciones

Full print without imperfections
We have selected the best accessories such as lanyards, towels, neck warmers, masks and bandanas to offer you high quality finishes without wrinkles or white areas without printing. In addition, all of our Full Print T-shirts are printed prior to production. First the fabric is stamped and then they are sewn. Total quality!

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Estampacion full print sin tacto

Imperceptible to the touch
Is it possible that the Full Print stamping is imperceptible to the touch? Well of course it is! Through a chemical process, the sublimation inks evaporate with the heat of the transfer plate and penetrate the molecules of the polyester. Simply put: the print is 100% breathable and touch-free .

Proceso de sublimación

A friend is forever….
... and the Full Print too! Sublimation is a chemical process that modifies the garment's own fabric. It is not an ink or a sticker that sticks on top and that can deteriorate with the passage of time or washing. It is not erased ! You are going to get tired of seeing them in your closet. : P

1-click total customization

Our featured Full Print garments

Camiseta full print

Full Urban T-shirt

Polyester t-shirts with a cotton touch. We customize them from end to end with your designs. An original bet for both workwear and designers or merchandising.

See Full Urban T-shirt

Camiseta deportiva full print

Full Sport T-shirt

Our breathable 100% polyester sportswear model with raglan sleeves and customizable collar. Ideal for creating professional finished kits. You will be a winning team inside and out.

See Full Sport T-shirt

Tubular full print

Full Print neck warmer

The double-sided printed neck warmer is an eye-catching and practical accessory to give away at races, for club and association merchandising or for corporate gifts. Economical and multipurpose!

See Full Print neck cap

Full Print Catalog

Discover our complete catalog of garments ready to print in full print. T-shirts, masks, neck warmers, lanyards, bandanas, Japanese ribbons or towels.

Complete catalog full print

See Full Print examples

Your Full Print budget just one click away

To obtain an online quote for full print personalized clothing, you just have to use our very practical calculator that appears when you click on each garment in our catalog.

You can also write to us at [email protected] or fill out this form and we will contact you to make a customized budget for all-over clothing. Whatever is most comfortable for you :)

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