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embolsado camisetas

Folding and bagging of T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts.

We offer you different packaging possibilities to improve the presentation of your personalized garments.

A good packaging is the finishing touch for your creations; improves presentation, adds value and protects garments. Think that the first impact of your brand will be the presentation of the garment.
Remember that we can bag t-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts with or without printing.

Are you looking for packagings for bags, caps, jackets, raincoats, vests or any other garment? Contact us and we will send you a bagging budget as soon as possible.

Standard packaging

The shirts will arrive folded together in groups of approximately 10. As for the invoice, we will send it to you online.

Normal folding and bagging

The t-shirts will arrive individually folded and in PVC bags of approximately 26 x 34cm. Ideal for better storage.

Folding and bagging +

Garments ironed and folded with cardboard revealing the stamping. To give value to the garments. The measurements of the bags are 28 x 30cm. Includes sticker with size.

See packaging and bagging examples

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