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Kariban 2020 Catalog

Kariban 2020 Catalog

For more than 20 years, Kariban has been dressing up the classics of promotional textiles with style. We love how he brings his modern vision to advertising textiles, making garments with tight cuts, careful details and varied colors. And also their garments are available for men, women and children! Kariban's classic and elegant clothing is what your company is looking for. The perfect canvas, ready to be personalized.

Within Kariban Brands you will find 4 great specialized ranges:


Every day more aware of the environment, Kariban is an excellent brand to bet on for your personalized clothing creations. Their quality garments with good materials and finishes are resistant and designed to last. Perfect for those looking for a quality plus in promotional textiles. In addition, its large stock allows us to deliver your orders quickly.


A range designed to become a reference brand for athletes and sportsmen who seek quality and style in equal measure. With ProAct sportswear you can create technical equipment to dress the members of your club, gym or team both on the pitch and off it.


All caps and accessories in the K-up range have been specially designed to be personalized. Surely among its variety of styles and colors you will find the perfect cap for your project. ;)


Kimood accessories are designed to make your life easier! Its range of bags, backpacks and accessories are practical, comfortable and innovative. They will be the ideal companions for your day to day or on getaways and trips.

Quality vests
Quality vests more_vert
Quality vests close

Kariban offers you a wide collection of customizable vests. The perfect vest for every type of project. Your Luca, Rally, Record or Multi-pocket model are some of our top selling vests. Practical, ergonomic and of quality. Perfect for workwear or advertising.

Caps top
Caps top more_vert
Caps top close

Another of Kariban's star products are its caps. Especially the Kariban Orlando caps and the Top caps. Modern style and premium finishes. They are not at all the typical advertising caps. Ideal for designers, clubs or workwear.

Premium aprons
Premium aprons more_vert
Premium aprons close

Kariban offers modern and original aprons ready to personalize with your logo. These premium aprons fit all projects: professional, chef, sommelier or children's aprons. Its denim apron is ideal for the most hipster locals.


Below we bring you more specific information about the main materials and fabrics used in the manufacture of the garments in the Kariban 2019 catalog .

Combed cotton

Combed cotton

The fibers are combed through a mechanical process that removes impurities and fibers that are too short. Strong fabric and improves printing.



Synthetic fiber used for sports garments as it allows perspiration of sweat and has absorbent properties.



Cotton fabric with reliefs, very pleasant to wear and soft to the heel. This fabric is used to make polo shirts.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Cotton from organic farming. It does not use pesticides or chemicals throughout its manufacturing process. High quality cotton with a very soft touch.



The polaire is a synthetic laine made from polyester. The micropolaire is the polaire the finest that exists, it is légère and it is sèche très rapidement.



Elastane is an elastic synthetic fiber that is used primarily to improve comfort in some garments.

Designed in France.

In 1994 Laurent Marti founded the Toptex company to market Rugby polo shirts. He was so successful that he decided to found Kariban in 1996, specializing in the distribution of promotional textiles and accessories. Since then the brand continues to design its garments in France and export them to Europe and the world.

Ecological range.

The brand's ecological collection is ready for re-labeling. Their eco-friendly non-label garments do not have a label on the neck, only a side mini-label with the size, to facilitate their customization. Their garments are perfect for designers and retail.


Official seals and certificates ensure the quality of the garments as well as safe and ethical working conditions. These certifications ensure that the clothing has been carried out respecting biodiversity, thus guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances in the fabrics and always in decent working conditions.



The Oeko-Tex standard 100 guarantees that the raw materials and intermediates used do not contain harmful substances.

OCS 100

OCS 100

The Organic 100 Content Standard ensures that ready-made products contain at least 95% organic fabrics



The garments are made from a mixed blend with a minimum of 5% organic cotton.

For over 20 years, Kariban has distinguished itself thanks to its modern twist on promotional clothing classics, with fitted cuts, intricate details and ready-to-wear inspired collections.


Here are some examples of personalized Kariban garments : embroidered caps and vests printed in textile screen printing.

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CATALOG Kariban 2020

In our Kariban 2019 catalog you will find a wide variety of products ready to print with your designs or to buy without printing. From 10 units to wholesale. Take a look at their aprons, hats, vests, polo shirts and t-shirts!

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