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Since 1981, your trusted supplier of custom apparel, with stores in Washington DC, Florida and Texas.

Florida : 760-677-4920 [email protected]

Washington DC : 575-318-7851 [email protected]

Texas : 505-456-8877 [email protected]

Virginia: 209-962-9559 [email protected]

About us

Hello, we are Cheap Wholesales United States . We have been dedicated to textile customization since 1981 . More than 35 years in the sector give to accumulate millions of personalized shirts behind our backs, many anecdotes and photos as vintage as these.

At Eagle Cheap Wholesales SL we started as a very small team and now we are a team of 50 people with the will to continue growing.

We can serve you in our stores in Florida, Washington DC and Texas and online throughout Europe. Would you like to meet us?

Our team

We are more than 50 people ready to make your ideas come true :)

As we like everything to stay at home, in addition to international commercials, we have on staff designers, programmers, accountants, marketing and content managers and, of course, our beloved printers. What do we gain from that? Greater control, agility, communication, efficiency and enhancing companionship.

Everything and more about the Cheap Wholesales team

What do we do?

Personalize. To stamp. To print. Customize. In short, custom clothing is our thing!

Every day we print thousands of garments with different purposes. Advertising textile, merchandising, workwear, sportswear, even unprinted garments or creation of brands for designers. Our extensive multi-brand textile catalog and our variety of printing techniques allow us to easily adapt to your projects.

Our work

Our projects

Summarizing in a few words all the projects in which we participate is very complicated, but we will try!

We customize garments for advertising purposes, we create merchandising for associations or music groups, workwear for companies or clothing lines for designers. From 10 units to infinity and beyond!

You can check here some of our clients

Our clients

Our brands

Each brand has its advantages and its peculiarities. We have more than 40. From Fruit of the Loom to Stanley / Stella, Roly, Sol's, Gildan, B&C, Makito, JHK, Kariban, Clique or American Apparel. For every taste!

All our brands

Brands we work for

How do we do it?


With transparency . On our website you will find lots of information about all our processes, garments and customization examples.

With tailored advice . We will always recommend the option with the best quality / price for your project.

With professionalism . Punctuality and rigor are in Cheap Wholesales's dna.

And in the best way we know how. We are concerned about sustainability and we strive to keep moving forward.

Cheap Wholesales and sustainability

Where we are?

We are where you need us to be. Thanks to our online presence we can serve you throughout the United States and even in Europe. No matter where you are, you can calculate a budget instantly on our website and receive your personalized garments in a few days.

If you want to come and see us in our stores, you will find us in Florida, Washington DC and Texas. Our offices and nerve center are located in Washington DC and our stamping workshop, where we materialize your projects, in Argentona.

Our shops

The advantages and comforts of shopping online are undeniable, but we all like to come to see and touch a garment from time to time or to be personally attended to.

In our showrooms you will find hundreds of samples of printing, cuts, fabrics and colors. We invite you to come and see us and we will advise you on everything.

Washington DC Store

tienda barcelona

Florida Store

tienda madrid

Texas Store

tienda maresme

Our workshop

In 1999 our stamping workshop moved to Argentona. After unpacking octopuses, tunnels, screens, ink cans and plates, we turned a small ship into our great home.

20 years later we have quadrupled the space, expanded the equipment and improved the facilities. Our state-of-the-art screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, vinyl, full print or embroidery machines are ready to print whatever comes their way!

All about our stamping workshop

Our offices

Salesmen, accountants, programmers, designers and copywriters share space in our headquarters in Washington DC, which are internationally based. From here we attend to most of your queries, we write and layout pages like these or we make mockups for your projects.

More info about our offices

Cheap Wholesales in networks

If you want to see more printing examples, see the behind the scenes of the stamping processes or know a little more about our team, we recommend you visit our social networks. We do not promise to be 100% serious. : P

Mission, vision and values

We like to think that t-shirts are a means to fulfill dreams or finance projects and, honestly, we love being able to help you.

Our mission is to be the No. 1 stampers in Europe but always being consistent with ourselves. Commitment, professionalism, human value always as a priority.

Our mission, vision and values

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