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Makito 2020 Catalog

Makito 2020 Catalog

In the advertising textile and promotional gift sector, what the customer generally looks for is variety and price. Makito offers a wide range of products at a truly groundbreaking price.

It is the ideal brand to create cheap personalized bags, caps with your logo, or personalized safety vests.


Makito products are basic garments intended for advertising and promotional purposes . Ideal for large runs of bags, vests or caps. Who does not like to take a souvenir tote bag from an event, to be given a backpack when signing up for a course or to have a gift with him at Christmas in his company? Makito makes it easy.


The price of Makito clothes and accessories is surprising. Most of their products are entry-level in our online catalog. If you are looking for cheap garments with your logo, we recommend customizing Makito garments in single ink screen printing. A fast, cheap and quality solution.

Broad range.

Not in vain Makito boasts of having the largest catalog in the world. Its assortment of accessories and accessories is spectacular. Without going any further, we have more than 40 bags to personalize in our online catalog. In addition to bags and backpacks, you will also find vests, t-shirts, sportswear, caps, scarves, raincoats and polo shirts.

Security vest
Safety vest more_vert
Safety vest close

One of the star garments in our Makito catalog is their Kross safety vest . It is a very economical approved vest perfect for events or for work uniforms. Its fluorine tone and its reflective bands ensure high visibility at all times.

Bags and backpacks
Bags and backpacks more_vert
Bags and backpacks close

Tote bags for events and fabric bags for shops and businesses are one of the most fashionable promotional products today. Makito offers cotton, jute and non woven bags at very affordable prices. Its assortment of promotional backpacks is ideal as a gift in courses, workshops and schools.

Cheap caps
Cheap caps more_vert
Cheap caps close

For large runs, gifts and events, Makito offers a wide and colorful assortment of inexpensive caps in different styles : classic, flat, mesh, sports and visors. We also have cheap hats and bucket hats. A cap for every occasion!


In the Makito 2020 catalog you will find a large number of materials and fabrics. We tell you a little more about them:



It is a synthetic fiber widely used in sportswear, backpacks and accessories. It is light, absorbs little moisture and does not deform.



It is a non-woven, porous and flexible fabric. It is a hygienic and breathable material. It is used in medical clothing and in bags.



Non-woven fabric that is obtained through thermal, mechanical and chemical processes. Glossy finish.



Jute fiber is of vegetable origin, 100% biodegradable and totally harmless for the environment. It is used in bottle holders.



PET -Polyethylene Terephthalate- is a type of plastic used in bottles and containers. It can be recycled to make bags.



Biodegradable materials are mostly of organic origin and they degrade or recycle themselves in contact with nature.

United States

In its spectacular state-of-the-art facilities in Almería, Makito has a storage capacity of 40,000 pallets . It is one of the most important wholesalers in the promotional sector in southern Europe. In total, it has 54,000m2 logistics facilities.

CE quality

European CE regulations are one of the most demanding in the world and all the products in the Makito catalog comply with the regulations. Production takes place in Asia under a certified quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000/2008 standard.


Today, quality policies are essential for the competitiveness and progress of a company. Makito has 3 quality seals:



The Social Compliance Initiative helps companies improve working conditions in factories.



The international entity certifies the Makito Certified Quality System together with the Aenor entity.



International Standardization Organization. The certification of the ISO 9001-2015 standard ensures quality management.

From the first moments we have made the client the center of attention and the engine of our dreams, strategies and work. Only this can explain why MAKITO has so quickly become the benchmark brand in the advertising and promotional gift sector.


Textile screen printing is our printing system par excellence and the one we recommend the most for making custom Makito garments. With 1 or 2 inks you will have attractive results at incredible prices. Here you can see some examples:

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Makito's online catalog has dozens of bags and backpacks, vests of all kinds, caps and t-shirts. Its adjusted prices will allow you to make promotional garments with your logo at a very low cost. Take a look:

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